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Our Values

We believe home goods should be made with positive vibes, handcrafted and sourced responsibly. We value original designs made from bold beautiful textiles crafted by artisans who are paid fairly.

About the Founder

Adopted by missionaries, Eva had a unique upbringing that allowed her to experience many different cultures. She grew up in Montana, then spent a few months living in Hawaii, the Philippines and completed her junior year of high school in Thailand.

After years of traveling, Eva settled in Seattle, WA and studied Nursing at Seattle Pacific University. Eva’s interest in helping women led her to become an OB nurse at the University of Washington Medical Center. After a few years of working in Seattle, she moved away to California to travel nurse. When finished, Eva made her way back to Seattle where she started a family and continues to work as an OB nurse.

In 2020 she started a mask making business on Esty and donated some of the proceeds to social justice causes. Over the years, Eva developed a strong passion for humanitarian work and began to think of ways she could help women and children in a meaningful way. From her time spent living in Thailand, Eva fell in love with their unique and high quality fabrics. She decided to exclusively work with Thai women to handcraft her products in a socially responsible way while providing fair wage. 

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